MARY BARR RHODES is a mixed media artist working with themes related to nature, color energy, feminist issues and light resonance.

The artist began her career during a period when sexism ruled the art world. Consequently, her work has been strongly influenced by the Feminist Movement and represents feminine energy, dynamic color energy and now light resonance. Her artwork reflects her personal interest in energy, sound and light resonance reflecting our current era of consciousness.

Rhodes holds a Masters of Art from Marshall University. Her artwork is on display at numerous prestigious corporations such as Graydon Law Firm, First Financial Bank, Von Lehman Accounting, KMK Law and Johnson Investment Counsel. Her work also hangs in numerous homes across the United States, Europe and South America. She received an award from Venue Magazine and was named Artist of the Year by Art Design Consultants. She was recently commissioned by a new boutique hotel, The Kinley, and was awarded a light installation at Par-Projects.