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Other Opportunities To View My Work!

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The Art World is Changing!

You’re invited to the Spring Solstice Virtual Show created by Vada Gallery. 
You’ll never guess who is going to go to the event!

America Now

Please join me for this super hip event.
Rescheduled to Saturday May 16th – follow us for a INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK STREAM of our new SPRING SOLSTICE EXHIBIT


VADA GALLERY (@vadagallery_) • Instagram photos and videos
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Here are a few of My Babies for a visual distraction. I know some of you are getting bored in these crazy times. So, I thought I would send more of My Babies for your entertainment. Can you imagine your life right now without any music, literature, poetry, dance, performance or art? It is in times like these that we realize how paramount the arts are in our lives. 

Hopefully, we will be at miller-gardette, the connecting spot, enjoying My Babies and singing along to My Babies playlist. I hope you enjoy my musical selection. Kickin’ off my shoes now!
Blue Wonder
12″ X 12″
Mixed media: acrylic on gallery wrap canvas, glass and epoxy resin

In the meantime, check out “My Baby Love Me”



Like everything else in our upside down world today, My Babies show scheduled for March 28, has morphed.  Some of the Babies arrived early so here are their Baby photos for your consideration. Additional Babies will be released in these next few weeks. These preemies are available on my new online store. Join in the fun and adopt a Baby of your choice. Or . . . just join in the fun. 

Coral Reef I 
(Goes with Baby Love by The Supremes)

I thought you might enjoy some liveliness in this time of stillness. . . 

Hopefully, we will all be together singing and dancing at miller-gardette soon. I have put together a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite Baby songs. Starting with Baby Love by the Supremes, you will enjoy the light uptempo music and my bright, lyrical paintings. Music has always been my muse. . . Yes, you can find me singing, dancing and painting away in my studio. 



Harriet Kaufman: photography
Written by Brian Holland, Eddie Holland and Lamont Dozier.
Produced by Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier
Source by Motown

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