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Beautiful Chaos Cincinnati Art Underground

This solo exhibition hosts 10 large works and numerous smaller works. My new work focuses on how the world is shifting from a point of disintegration to integration, from suffering to restoration. I believe that in a “return to Eden” we can find solace in the natural world.

In the truest sense,”beauty” expresses the vulnerability of the materials and the artist. I hope to make the viewer stop and connect with the pure essence of the natural world as it is expressed in my work. I hope that you can feel the energy of the minerals, the paint, the glass.

The glass expresses the reflective quality of life itself. And, the use of finely granulated silver, copper, bronze, and gold speaks to the divinity within the natural world.

I am a process artist. I work quietly and sensitively, responding to the materials and the formal elements. . . sensing what is unnecessary and knowing when to stop. Just like the jazz that I listen to as I paint, I allow the elements to play off of one another, exploring colors,  shapes, and textures in their on-going evolution.

A key element within my work is “transience,” an aesthetic that connotes the acceptance of brokenness and imperfection. To create in this way I must surrender to the materials, the process and the way in which the materials interact. Within this state of surrender, I bring all of the elements to a harmonic conclusion.

We are all searching for a peace in this ever-changing world. I hope that my work entices the viewer to slow down, take a moment to soak in the beauty of the materials, the color relationships and the push and pull of the space. I hope that my work opens your minds and hearts to see the elegance of of transience and the beauty within our imperfect world; and to accept the “humanness” within each of us.

October 20, 2016




The process of painting has been the constant in my life, integrating body, mind, and heart. It is through this process that I find equanimity. I find self-love through the witnessing of self on the canvas. And, through this witness, I see my patterns and behaviors. Each canvas serves as a journal. They say that relationships are sometimes for a reason, sometimes for a season, for me, art has prevailed through numerous human relationships.

I used to think I kept painting because I had to . . . it is where I go when I need to escape from the suffering of life. My sensitive self-runs away to the studio to come back out and do it over and over again. Life can be harsh, but in the studio, I find an authenticity that I can find nowhere else. It can be intriguing, mystifying but I feel the truth in it. Now, I feel as if it is a treasure, not somewhere that I have to go, but that I get to go to this very special place.

Many years ago, I thought that art needed to strictly be about beauty. I now feel that art just needs to be real, expressed from the heart. And, that it is certainly not always pretty. So, it is often the pain and sometimes ugliness that finds its way to the canvas. Art creates a language that is spoken between thoughts and words, a direct knowing that serves as the lure of the becoming. It is within that lure, that a true love is found, that lasting love that prevails through time. It is a love that starts with self and expands to the universe. And, just like I tell my grandson, I love you to the moon and back. lasting_love_email_blast